(Before I start, just a note to say no animal was hurt in the making of this website.  Although the scene above is a good example of how I can get lost in a rant, my dog is perfectly happy and actually enjoys this experience.)

My name is Sue and I’m angry.

If you spend any time here, you will soon see the genesis of my crabbiness – from needlessly idling vehicles to toilet seat usage to the fact that humans don’t take care of this world and its inhabitants. Obviously some annoyances are more serious than others.

I have been told that being angry is not healthy – that it puts negative energy out into the universe – that one should be focusing on the good and talking about positive things. I understand and sometimes even agree with this concept and yet…

I happen to think the world needs those of us who see the bad apple and want to get rid of it before it ‘spoils the bunch’. You can look at, comment on, and admire the beauty of good apples all day but good apples will never turn a rotten apple into a firm, green, healthy snack. Au contraire. And ignoring that bad apple? Well if you don’t get that analogy, you really need to press ‘exit’ as fast as you can.

For some reason I was born with a highly sensitive, critical eye – a painful affliction – not the best way to have a cheery day. I finally decided to embrace the way I am and speak out come what may. So, if you are looking for a warm, fuzzy Kum Bai Ya start to your day, run away.

If you decide to read on and participate, I encourage you to add your own annoyances, comment on mine, and help figure out a way to change this often idiotic world – one or two grievances at a time.  Check out RANTS.

listen.  rant.   get angry.  wish for change.  disagree.  make a change.  encourage change.  learn.   teach.

Patter over to  RAMBLINGS  for occasional essays from my very own self.

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