How many times have you heard a female complain about her partner and his forgetfulness or refusal to return the toilet seat to its down position when he is finished peeing? Ad nauseum.  It would seem these women think the toilet should always be ready for them and if it is not, they are hurt – sometimes angry.  I have always thought this idea was weird and wondered why most men apologize and promise promise promise to try to remember.  Why don’t men get hurt – sometimes angry – that women do not put the seat up after they are done?  To be ready for a man.  A plain case of a double standard.

And that brings me to what is really wrong – the pervasive misuse of toilets which when corrected will stop the age old argument forever.  It’s all about The Lid.

I know I speak for my plumber when I say that most people have no idea what the toilet lid is for.  I often wonder what they must think.  Perhaps they think it’s a built in stepping stool.  Or a handy chair if one is chatting to a friend while they are brushing their teeth or popping pimples.  Or a good spot to wait and scare someone coming out of the shower.  O.K. those are all useful but it is not the toilet lid’s real purpose.  Believe it or not it truly has a function and an important one.  Whether the toilet is used by a male or female, the toilet lid is supposed to be lowered into position BEFORE flushing.  Once down, it stops germs from flying all over the room.  If it is left up, these nasty little beasties escape from the bowl and land on anything within reach – and the reach is far.  Studies have found fecal matter on tooth brushes at the other side of the room.  Yuck.

Let’s stop all this bickering about the toilet seat – up down up down – and put the energy where it belongs.  The Lid.  EVERYONE should put the lid down when finished with their business.  Then flush.  Simple.  What an equalizer.  The whole toilet will function as it should and be equally ready for whoever needs it next.

(and it looks great).

(oh and btw do not use those horrible toilet lid covers.  Ugly).



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