I have a dog.  My dog pees and poos on a regular basis.  Sometimes I think, given how poor humans are to understand any non human behavior, that it is lucky for our pets that humans also pee and poo.  Otherwise we would try to beat or train the behavior out of them.  I digress.  I take my dog Annie for walks 3 or 4 times a day during which she satisfies her need to pee and poo.  Being the responsible dog guardian, I pick up her poo.  No matter what.  No matter how much there is, how runny it is, how smelly it is.  It’s a bylaw where I live and even if it weren’t I would still do it.  I have even been known to return to a spot the next day if it was too dark to find the poo that I know was dropped and left on a neighbor’s lawn.  As I care about the environment, I use biodegradable poo bags and have mastered the art of using the same bag to pick up more than one deposit.  (It’s all in the wrist.)

I could rant about how maddening it is when owners do not pick up their dog’s poo.  Of course it drives me crazy and somehow makes all dog guardians look bad.  I don’t want people to hate all dogs and the humans attached to them.  We have all had the experience of finding day old logs on the lawn or poo attached to a shoe and it ‘s funny how one never sees these poos actually happening.  They must literally come out at night to poo willy nilly.  On the rare occasion I have witnessed the transgression, I politely yell out “Excuse me.  Do you need a bag?”  This is usually met with a chagrined face and acceptance of the offer.  Sometimes however I am left to run after human and beast repeating my offer over and over.  Quite the scene.

Here’s what I really don’t get.  I constantly come across poo bags – clearly with poo in them, usually all tied up and then just left on the ground – by the side of a city path, in the middle of a park, or strangely – right beside a garbage can.  I have never seen someone doing this, just the evidence of the act.  I cannot imagine what they are thinking.  Do they think there is a poo fairy waiting to swoop down and put that bag where it belongs?  It’s as if they figured out part of the bylaw (and pure common sense) and realize they have to pick up their dog’s poo but then completely lose it and decide to leave it out in the open where someone somehow sometime will come along and finish the job.

I would really like to run into one of these idiots.

Path Poo

Poo 1

Poo 2

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