Born and raised in Canada. Married once. Kissed lots of frogs and a few princes. University educated, life trained. Lived in Japan. Traveled to many places and many as yet unseen. Made a living by writing, teaching, producing television, crisis counselling, modelling, managing a night club to name a few. I’m sure there will be more.

A friend once said to me “You weren’t like the other kids on the block, were you?”

I’m the baby of the family – brought up in a fundamental Baptist home with powerful church relatives. I am no longer Baptist. For as long as I can remember, I have questioned the ‘normal’ accepted way – from believing in a god to a woman taking her husband’s name to the supposed superiority of the human race. Along the way, I’ve had many discussions, laughs, arguments, and tears. I’ve made and lost friends. Every time I learn something new, I try to change.

I love donkeys because they are gentle and loyal and are the forgotten, unseen slaves of the world – bottom of the rung. To me, they represent all the hurt creatures who have no voice. I often say I am not from this planet and long to return home to Planet Eeyore where we treat all creatures with love and respect.   And kill not.    Not for food.    Not for fun.

I have a deal with animals:

I won’t kill and eat them if they won’t kill and eat me.
If one of them kills me, the deal’s off.           So far so good.

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